Dovi hits Barbera @ Assen

desmo dovi assenDovizioso kicked Barbera after the spaniard hold the faster line even though he was slower.


Both riders were given one Penalty Point by Race Direction for their actions and this is the first time when th enew penalty rules ar used in Moto GP.



ANDREEA DOVIZIOSO - Ducati Team, 15th (1:36.524)


"I made a mistake and I didn't have to kick him," said Dovizioso. "He has done this one hundred times with all the riders. I don't want to make an excuse but my T1 was better and he intentionally tried to stop me. That was the reason why I was really angry.

Every rider has been angry with him because unfortunately the CRT bikes have less power and they try and stop the fast riders in the middle of the lap so they can start the lap together. It's bad because if you want to follow somebody there's no problem but you don't have to disturb the faster rider. You need to be on the right side and then try and follow the faster rider.

We spoke with race direction and they gave us both one point and I think it's OK. I made a mistake and it was something that no one should do."


NICKY HAYDEN - Ducati Team, 10th (1:35.908)


“It’s a tough day for me and the team. After we made some changes overnight, the bike felt better in the wet this morning than yesterday, and I was immediately able to go faster. I was hoping those improvements might carry over into the dry, but then in FP4, the bike was still moving a lot, especially on corner entry. The tyres here have a pretty stiff carcass, which isn’t helping us, and I’m really fighting the bike a lot. I barely advanced through to Q2, and my time in that was over a second slower than in qualifying last year, which is too much. I hate to admit it, but I hope for rain tomorrow.”

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