Ducati, 8 machines in 2014

ciabattiDucati could provide 8 entrances in 2014 Moto Gp season.


With the new regulations ready for 2014 all the manufacturers cand make their full plans for the next season, so does Ducati and Paolo Ciabatti speaks about tis.



 “Since the new rules came out for next year, where it is actually possible for a full MotoGP bike to run in what would have been the CRT class – using the single ECU and single software – we are considering to make available the 2013 bike with this package,” Paulo Ciabatti, Ducati’s MotoGP Project Director, explained


“It has an advantage in terms of fuel; they will have 24 litres while the full MSMA MotoGP entries will have only 20, 12 engines instead of five and no frozen development for the engines.

We think it could be an interesting package for some of the private or satellite teams and we are working on this plan. Ideally, we think we will make four available. We are discussing with some teams but nothing has been decided yet.”


Hoping to make final decisions on the matter by the Laguna Seca race weekend, Ciabatti confirmed that up to eight Ducati bikes (four as factory entries and four running as production machines) could be on the grid next year.


“Theoretically, yes, but at the moment we are still talking to different teams and also talking to Pramac; it has been a long relationship with Paulo Campinoti and his team and we will obviously first find a solution with Pramac about next year and then discuss with other teams”


So, eight is it? What about the performance? Ducati is a crap Moto GP machine and this is no longer to be hidden from anyone, how can you provide this crap to other teams? Who would risk and buy this stuff? Just my two cents.


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