Crutchlow @ Ducati

ducati tweetterCal Crutchlow is th eonly rider who keeps alive the market in Moto GP.


Bennetts is one of Crutchlow's sponsors and they twitted today that Cal might sign with Ducati at Sachsenring, of course, Cal denied, but, there is no smoke without a fire I tell you.

Zero options for an official Moto GP machine in 2014 for the British, Suzuki delayed with one year their comaback and Yamaha has all the doors closed since the rules state clearly that only 2 machines are allowed to be provided by any official facotry.


ducati tweetter


Cal and Andrea made a great team together, they always pushed each other when it came for the results and this should be a good opportunity for Ducati.


Personaly, I feel pitty for Nicky hayden, which always worked very hard in this team in all these years and he will not catch that day to see this bike sorted out.

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