New frame for Ducati @ Sachsen

dovi testDovi and all the Ducati riders test at Misano.


Iannone is getting the final touch of the 'lab' frame that the official riders dumped, De Angelis is getting his first approach with the Pramac machine preparing for Laguna Seca and Dovizioso is testing a NEW FRAME while Hayden tested a new anti-wheelie system.

Misano looks like a battleield right now, where Ducati is charging over and over with all the riders on track, each one of then having a precise and speciffic role.




I tested an evolutive version of the frame, slighlty different from the one we used in tests at Jerez and Mugello. Has ups and downs but I can say that the corner entrance while braking has improved.

Now is more graduate, even though is still understeers when opening the gas. The sensations are more sincere and because of that, I will bring this at Sachsenring.
There is only one frame like this produced yet, but still, I will take it in GP.

We ar enot playing for the championship and th ebest way to see if the solutions are good it by proving these in GP.

We don't have a base setting for this new frame, the old ones won't work, this one it's lighter in the fornt.




I proved a new anti-wheelie system which will be very used at Sachsenring and Laguna Seca.
As lap times, I managed to do better lap times than last year.




We made some changes and testing to the 'lab' bike, I preffer this bike more than the standard one, as lap times the values are ismillar but i find it easier to ride
I managed to remain constant for longer period of time and this is positive.




The test went well, I had some fun and a beautiful experience. I tried to find a good feeling with the bike and to get used again with the power and the electornics.

I made 10 laps in the first day and 70 the day after and I managed a 1.37. (ndr. 2 seconds slower than the official riders)

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