"Testing? Usefull for Dall'Igna only"

andrea dovi valenciaNothing new for Ducati at Valencia either, among the last MotoGP machines can only test your morale once again.


"We are not among the first ones, as usual and the gap can only increase. All the others can take the correct lines, meaning a cooler tyres" Dovizioso said, more of this interview after the jump.

The future starts on Monday when Gigi Dall'Igna will be present at box and the work for the 2014 season will start.




We didn't spoke about the testing program yet. I can't be very precise about it, we have some new things to try, but nothing revolutionary.

For Gigi will be important to make an impression about the actual situation but still, I don;t know in which way will he organize these three days. I'm sure he already has an idea about these testing days, some things he knows already, some will find out on spot.


Dall'Igna will have to understand out technical situation and the persons involved. At this moment we haven't decided yet about all the personnel in my team.

Dall'Igna didn't gave us any indications so far, is too soon.

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