Dall'Igna's first interview

gigi dallignaLuigi Dall'Igna is finally on Ducati's box and started the work for the 2014 season.

Dall'Igna gave an interview in which speaks about the new company and about the way he wants to organize the things at Borgo Panigale, the future plans and the situation that found at Ducati.

What is the biggest problem of the Ducati race bikes?

It's not a technical one, it's human related. It's a big gap between the ones who work in the factory and the ones who work at the track.
For instance when an updated part is made, the guys from the factory have no idea if this part was tested on track and also, the guys that are working in field have no idea of what parts are under development at the factory - this is the first thing to solve.
A company's success is related to it's organizing.

Practically, what is the meaning of this?

This means that both Moto GP and Superbike departments must be unified and the experience of each side to be shared. This i the path that Paolo Ciabatti wants to be taken which will remain the Moto GP Project Manager in the company.
Ernesto Marinelli will remain the Superbike Project Manager and right now we are looking for a replacement after Vitto Guareschi's departure.

How much time was given from Ducati to come back in winning races again?

They didn't gave me any target date but I did: in two years from now I want Desmosedici to mount the gap which separates us from the best bikes out there.

Do you have the right rider for this?

Andrea Dovizioso is one of the riders I 'hunted' for years, I always wanted to work with him, it's a great rider and tester. I don't know very much about Cal Crutchlow but the results speak out for him, this year he grew very much in performance.

What about the bike?

I don't know it well enough yet. If necessary we'll build a new one. I don't know haw fast the Corse Dpt. can react to this but I estimate in less than six months. For sure, until the first race we'll have already many new things updated if necessary.

Do you think Ducati will give you free hand over changing anything you'd like to no matter their heritage and believes such as the desmodromic timing or the frameless chassis?

If this will bring us in winning again, we'll do it.

On a curiosity side, why did you left from Aprilia?

Because i never won in Moto GP and in a company such as Ducati, with it's mentality and resources, I have the chance to make it happen.

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