Interwiev with Dovi and Crutchlow

dovi austin ducati desmosedici motogpThis is the interview Dovizioso gave to after 3rd place in Austin.


Ducati is leaving Austin with high hopes and confirmation that they are on the right path regarding the Desmosedici's development. Cal Crutchlow suffered an injury but fortunately he will be able to recover until the next round.



Dovi what does it mean a podium with Ducati?


It's a valuable thing, especially regarding the situation we are in right now. Besides that, it was a difficult week-end because of this very physical track. I never thought that's possible to change so many lines in only 21 laps (laughs).


Tell us about the race.


I suffered a lot, especially in the beginning. I was slow and I only thought at keeping calm. I was good by not loosing very much from the guys upfront, i kept on focusing and didn't worn out the tyres.


Then you started to recover.


With five laps to go, I was third but very weak, my strength was done. I didn't knew what to do. Fortunately I saw that others were in the same situation as me. I thought of not overreacting, still Bradl was behind me and Smith was also there. I didn't wanted to arrive in the final lap with them, i didn't had any strength left for a dogfight.


What was your strategy?


The right one. In one of those laps i pushed it a bit lowering my lap time by six tenths, Bradl and Smith were battling. In the last laps it was the adrenaline that gave me the energy.


Are you ready for the podium?


No, we are aware of this even though the bike improved. Under some certain levels, the bike now works, the acceleration and braking. Still, it doesn't give up when it comes to steering - still, it helps in making good lap times.


At Le Mans there will be some new parts.


Dall'Igna, as a good engineer that he is, doesn't say a word about this. I know they are working and also that in this season we won't have a completely new bike as we need.


cal crutchlow ducatiCAL CRUTCHLOW


I am very glad for Andrea's 3rd place, after all this work they did at Ducati Corse in this winter.
I was very confident about the race start, unfortunately I had a problem with the rear tyre soon after the race begun, vibrations started to occur and my rhythm got slower by every lap and I decided to go in and change the tyre.
We decided to go for the soft compound and I started to have very good lap times, then, i think i took a stone or something that made the bike to decompress. I t seemed to be just another crash but unfortunately the bike came over me and injured my hand.

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