Argentina, Ducati brakes 2 engines and damages a 3rd.

400x264-images-ARCHIVIO-2014-Foto-MOTOGP-03 ARGENTINA-GARA-iannoneSince friday, Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone both broke an engine each.


This Sunday, the problems continued for Dovi, an oil leak caused a loss of power for the Desmosedici's engine and Iannone carving for the hard tyre which thinks he could get podium with.



In Austin, Iannone ocupied the 3rd place almost the whole race, in Argentina the Italian did it again for 9 laps after he started from grid from8th position and in the first corner was already .. 2nd.


It seems the only one who could stand for Marques is somebody from the same generation, unfortunately, Ducati cannot provide such a good ride so far.



It was crazy fun, i wasn't affraid not even for a second, this was a race in which I could have aimed for the podium, unfortunately, we cannot use the Hard compound as the Factory ones do.


About the fight with Rossi he said:


He won again, but it was fair, he was faster. Fighting with Valentino is always something to learn from, the most important thing is that i got better and better. I am satisfied.




It was a though race and to be honest, i didn;lt expected it to be like that. I was a bit unlucky because i had again a problem with the engine, an oil leak caused me a loss of power.
Then, i think i choosed the wrong tyre for the front end because I couldn't put pressure on the front wheel either while braking, either mid corner, i was very slow all the way the mid corner.

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