Iannone officially..official

andreaiannoneWhat hapened at WDW 2014 was obviously related to the decision that was already taken.

At World of Ducati Week, all three riders were presented in a press conference as for 2015 riders. Cal Crutchlow and Andrea Dovizioso put an end to the speculations and extended their contracts with Ducati, but Iannone was also there presented as Ducati rider.



So, what was all about?
Andrea Iannone stated that he wants to get official and Ducati is his first option. The #29 was one of the best Ducati riders out there this year, with a 2nd position qualify and many other nice races where he battled for front positions.
So, Ducati had to come up with something to keep this diamond in their custody and well they done. In my opinion, Iannone being the only one who can stand up in a battle with Marques if the bike would be good enough.


Carlo Pernat - Pramac Ducati Team manager - confirmed:

"Iannone will be a Ducati official rider next year. Ducati official colors, Ducati official leathers. The logistics will be Pramac's part, but all the mechanics and the guys in the staff will be Ducati official"

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