Biaggi could join Ducati

482545 10151689856140985 838433574 nSince that 'joyride' at Mugello, all the press has gone wild with speculations.


But this didn't happen without a reason though. I mean, the situation leaves large room for interpretation and  the first thing speculated out there is related to the testing pilot job for the roman rider.

There are some advantages and disadvantages coming out of this, if in the end Biaggi will be hired as test pilot for Ducati.

One of the advantages is that Max is always taking his business very seriously, though it was only a ride for fun at Mugello, Biaggi came there with his motorhome and physio therapist.
Also, the roman emperor is still fresh for racing, it's less than a year distance from his retirement having also a WSBK title in his pocket.

An major advantage for Ducati would also be that one regarding stability. Michele Pirro cannot give that, the young rider declaring many times that his objective is returning as being a full state pilot and with the first good opportunity to come he will be gone and Ducati will need to find a substitute.

Max wouldn't have this problem

As a disadvantage to be noted we can question Biaggi's pace regarding the MotoGP machines. Still, we cannot make a clear image about how fast he can be after such a short time spent on the Desmosedici, the electronics and the tyres are the two big variables that Biaggi has to deal with.

For really understanding if a new prototype would be better or worse than the actual racing bike, you need to lap within a second with the official riders.

Another down side of this tester job for Biaggi would be a psychological matter for the official riders.
Max is a very cumbersome guy that will attract all the spotlights upon himself and his intrusion in the team could be not very well seen by the official riders.

But until then, we have to see if Max is ready to take this job, as the test rider position for a Moto GP team is a very demanding one.
Also, there is another important aspect in this equation, the economical side of it, Max being always very careful about the numbers in his contracts.

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