Hayden stays @ Ducati (?)

gobmeier hayden box2013 started with high hopes and expectations, Audi took the strings and everybody dreamed about a new beginning.
It's September and 2013 looks like another year to be thrown in the 'forget it' bin. In the past, the pain endured in Moto GP was balanced by the smile and joy of good results from WSBK. 2013 brought the tears in both competitions for the Borgo Panigale team.
Bernhard Gobmeier, general manager at Ducati Corse knew he will have to deal with one of the toughest challenge in his professional life, managing the development and same time, keeping the pilots focused.
After finalizing the Moto GP team formation, now is time for the SBK project to be managed regarding the 2014 riders.
Gobmeier announced at Nurburgring that Hayden will test with the WSBK team this week at Mugello.
"Nicky Hayden is still one of our pilots and it's logic to put him on a test with Panigale seeing that he didn't decided yet about his future.
He is with Ducati since five years now, it's part of the family and we want to keep him in the company.
Dorna has a development plan for SBK. Hayden is a well known rider and a quality rider and by the marketing point of view is one of the best out there.
Nicky is able to ride various types of motorcycles with various types of tyres, in other means, he is a very good test rider. His work will have a strong added value even though he will have to confront with different type of problems: in MotoGP with the handling, in WSBK with the lack of power.
We know where and how to work this out, the main problem is related to our resources, unlike our competitors We are a small company and, together with Aprilia, the only one to have programs in both Moto GP and WSBK.
Anyway, the good thing is that we have strong riders now in our teams, Carlos being an undeniable great rider which can make the difference."

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