Gigi Dall'igna at Ducati?

dalligna ciabattiDucati is trying to get the best people around and the rumors are getting hotter and hotter.


Dall'igna is currently head of Aprilia's racing department, and responsible for many of the successes which the Italian factory has enjoyed over the years, including a World Superbike title with Max Biaggi.

Dall'Igna had decided in the first place to stay with Aprilia, after receiving assurances that the MotoGP program would be expanded.

The thing is that now, it appears that Dall'igna's situation is in the air again, because the budget constraints imposed by Aprilia, so, this picture above can repeat in the future with the guy in black right now becoming.. in red.


The people who are pulling the stirngs in Borgo Panigale insured the italian manager that he will have free hand at Ducati if he will decide to join.

Although he will report to Bernhard Gobmeier, who is currently head of Ducati Corse, Ducati is believed to have offered Dall'Igna a free hand in reorganizing and clearing out a number of engineers from Ducati Corse.


This is one of the most urgent priorities, according to Ducati rider Andrea Dovizioso. At Aragon, he told reporters '[The engineers] who work in the bike didn't fix the problem. So it means the people who tried to fix the problem, are not fixing the problem.'


Since Preziosi left from Ducati, Hayden said that a big hole was left in there because Preziosi was a clear leader and kept the things in hand.


No clear leadership was carried on since then by anyone and Gigi Dall'igna could be the right person in the mix.

Ducati takes this very seriously and it's clear that all these struggles are a sign of heavy involvement in getting the GP machine upfront as soon as possible, in stake being also the biggest sponsor of this project, Philip Morris which kind of lost their patience signing only one year contract this time.

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