Diavel by Ben Spies

diavel spies bornoutMoto GP started and the marketing machine withit, this is the limited series of Diavel.


Ben Spies declared he is in the best physical shape since 2012 after his full recover after the nasty injury that caused him to miss 3 GPs, now 'the Elbows' is back and this being done at his home track at Indy, a local Ducati dealer used this to release a special series of the Diavel.

This model was prepared by Advanced Motorsport Ducati (AMD) in Dallas and uses a 1098 R power plant. The engine was modified with titanium rods, special crafted valves, high compression pistons and camshafts.

The engine's output is now around 170 hp, 25 more than a usual 1098R.

It's styling, alongside the new colors, has Ben's signature on the tank and will be sold for at least 22 500 USD.


diavel r spies


diavel spies bornout

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