New leaked photos with Superleggera

Ducati 1199 Superleggera photo leak 06-99The Ducati dealers already have all the media resources regarding this model and Ducati Chil eleaked some.


205Hp and 166kg at the curb, besides that, the Desmosedici  Ducati Corse like livery will be the only available scheme for this model and again, marketing strikes again, Ducati is really good on this one.

Why am I saying this? well.. what would be the purpose of an 'R' model if not being the top of the top? By adding Superleggera in the mix, the 'R' spec won't be ever a real 'R', unique in performance and exquisite.


Maybe you will say that only 500 Superleggera's will be made and then, the only top model of the 1199 on the market available will remain the 'R', yes, but remember how many Desmosedici's were anounced in the first place and that after few months they trippled the production.


Regarding the power, it was told somehting around 220Hp, still, we found only 205 in those dyno charts, and my supposition regarding this engine seems to be right, the RS 13.


Weight Reductions by Part:

    Carbon Fiber Fairings and Assorted Pieces: -1.0kg / -2.2 lbs
    Magnesium Alloy Monocoque Frame: -1.0kg / -2.2 lbs
    Carbon Fiber Rear Subframe: -1.2 kg / -2.7 lbs
    Titanium Exhaust System: -2.5kg / -5.5 lbs
    Forged and Machined Magnesium Wheels: -1.0kg  / -2.2lbs
    Lithium-Ion Battery: -2.0 kg / -4.4lbs
    Custom Front Fork and Rear Shock: 1.4 Kg / -3.1 lbs
    Superbike Pistons: -194 g / -.4 lbs
    Tungsten-Balanced Crankshaft: -396 g / -.9 lbs
    WSBK Chain and Rear Sprocket, and Various Carbon Fiber Parts, Fasteners, and Machined-from-Billet Components: -1.3 kg / -2.9 lbs


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