Biaggi bought The 1199 Senna

moto-ayrton-1199-panigale-sennaThe reason which for i used 'the' is because this is the only Ducati 1199 Senna sold in Europe.


The last 1199 Panigale S "Senna" to be sold, was part of an charity auction and even if all the "Senna" models were to be sold in Ayron's home country, the last one of these was sent to Sotheby's, the famous auctioner from U.K.


Maxx Biaggi was the one to win the auction for 37 000 Euro, despite Felipe Massa's counter offer which wasn't big enough to stop the Italian to take home this rare iconic bike.

Felipe declared in the end that he's happy that he left this to be won by the 'right hands' for it.

After winning the auction, Max took a word with the Ducati crew for making some mods to the braking system and some other accessories even though he said that he won't use it for racing.

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