400 mt. in 9.91 seconds

ducati 1199 superleggera recordIt's all about Ducati 1199 Superleggera which proves it's abilities as the lightest Superbike ever in production.


3 videos which from one shows the exceptional time of 9.91 seconds recorded over 400 metres from a standing start, a thing that you can struggle to neclect and you will fail to do so, 1199 Panigale Superleggera shows in these videos after the jump, what is it made of.



This is the bullet fast Superbike of this planet speaking now:


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The second video for sent by Ducati to their Superleggera owners.


In order for you to fully appreciate the innovations designed to maximise the Superquadro engine, we've chosen the technology of a 3D video that unveils all the secrets of the beating heart that animates the most extraordinary Ducati of all time.


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The choice of materials such as carbon fibre and epoxy resins, expertly worked in accordance with aerospace industry standards, give life to the monobloc seat supporting subframe, a concentration of technology and lightness.


The last of the three videos sent to Superleggera owners, as you can see, the video is not listed on their official yutube chanel.


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